Nothing like handmade

One of my favorite things to do when we come here is to go shopping for handcrafted goodies. We finally made it to the best store that sells "artesanias" here in town. Below are photos of the inside of the store. I wish I could take a whole crate full of stuff with me because it was very difficult to decide what to get. The creativity and quality of everything is truly wonderful. The things that I like the most are usually made out of more natural/organic materials. I love work done in clay, wood and fibers of different kinds.

Seeing the hammocks reminded me of the one we purchased during our honeymoon. We purchased it in the center of town a few blocks away from our hotel. In fact, the building to the left in the last picture here was where we bought it.

It's truly a shame the Colombia isn't better known for the beautiful things you find here.

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