Slow weekend

Well, the weekend didn't go as well as planned because my 3yr old had a fever for most of it. Not fun. She's a tough little cookie and for the most part wasn't in a cranky mood. I probably would've been had it been me! The doctor ordered a blood test for her. Now you can imagine how fun that was. She'd never had to go through that. :( Fortunately nothing was out of the ordinary. I got the typical "she has a bacterial infection so here's xyz antibiotic". Today she's as good as new.

Between naps and other things I managed to make this block print. It's the first time I experiment with making my image a little "messier" and more spontaneous looking. I like it. With a little more work I think it'll be part of A Little Hut when it opens in September. Can't wait for that!


  1. I really like your block print.Very pretty!

  2. Thanks Donna! :)
    Yes. I can't wait to open. FINALLY!

    Thanks for visiting!

  3. Can't wait for your opening! Sorry to hear about your 3 year old being sick. I hope it was something bacteria (antibiotics don't work on virus). Our doctor gave one of my girls antibiotics for a viral infection (sorry the formal science teacher is speaking out). :)

  4. ok, now I'm embarrassed! yes, you're right she does have a bacterial infection -- and I got a degree in biology!!! :(

    I'm correcting that now!

  5. Sorry I didn't mean to embarrass you! :(

    It was just frustrating to find out the doctor gave her antibotics for a viral infection (ARG!).

    Cool! I have a degree in Zoology :)

  6. Your block print is lovely!
    My son and his cousin recently had fevers (different times)... I wonder if there's something going around?
    Can't wait when your store opens!!! :)