Just a few random thoughts

• Had a great weekend with the family
• Just signed some papers for a litttle something that's coming down the road (won't reveal until the time is right!)
• I ended up purchasing the painting that I did with my son's class. I couldn't part with it so I overbid everyone to get it. This way I get to help out the school and we get to keep the painting. I'm happy!
• I have A LOT of work to do this week so I may not be posting much in the next few days.
• Still coming up with more ideas for my cards; still working on the website. Trying to still meet my self-imposed deadline of November.
• So the curiousity is killing me here...who's reading all this? Comments anyone? ;)

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  1. Thanks for the visit and comments Jeope! I'm not sure if you know but I'm PZ01 over at H-Lounge. I love your illustrations and feel they make mine look like I'm a kindergartener!!! ;)

    You're right about the logos. I've been meaning to post them but something always comes up. Will try to post them over the weekend.