Soooo nice to be recognized

Just got news that 3 logos that I've done through my graphic design business got accepted to the Logo Lounge III book! I'm so excited because it's the first time any of my work has actually been published and other designers that I've heard that have also been accepted are awesome.

One of the three logos I submitted was pro bono so it's nice that this happened. The old 'what goes around comes around' (in a good way in this case!) does work. Unfortunately the book won't be out until Fall 2007 but I'll be in it so that's what counts. Doing the happy dance!

The logos that got accepted are:
- Finewood (a landscaping company)
- Zapata Design (my company logo)
- Infinity Park (a children's neighborhood science park)


  1. That's awesome news! You must feel great. Congrats!!!

  2. Thanks Ponderer! Yes I have to say that I'm pretty happy! :)