20 Random Things

I was tagged by Ponderer. I always wondered when I'd be tagged. Don't really get comments so I assumed no one out there was actually reading. Guess I was wrong! LOL. Here it goes:

1. I love working with my hands. That's why I like making cards!

2. I ocassionally knit and crochet. My grandmother taught me.

3. I hate avocados... (sorry Ponderer - you and many others will probably think I'm crazy just like my husband and the rest of my family!)

4. But I LOVE chocolate covered almonds!

5. I love dancing to salsa music

6. I belonged to a folkloric dance group in college

7. Went to high school in South America

8. So yes, I'm bilingual - spanish

9. I have two BA degrees (graphic design and biology)

10. I thought of being a pediatrician for the longest time (hence the biology degree)

11. I hardly ever go to bed before midnight. I freelance and have small children - working during the day is impossible.

12. I LOVE shrimp and I'm allergic to it! :(

13. The first few years of college I refused to have color in my bedroom. Everything was black and white.

14. Always wanted to have 3 children. Not anymore. VERY happy with just two. I can hold one with each hand! LOL!

15. My sketchbook goes everywhere with me.

16. My digital camera is starting to do the same.

17. I refuse to use fake plants/flowers in my house decor - only do the real live ones.

18. I'm a Taurus and yes people say I'm a typical "stubborn Taurus".

19. I got married to my husband after we'd been dating for three months. But we'd really known each other for about 7 yrs (not close though and had never dated during that time). We're still very happy and going strong!

20. After having the kids my brain just lost it's memory skills. I've become very forgetful. It's AWFUL!

So there you have it. Don't know who I want to tag yet. I'll figure that out in the next couple of days. Gotta go to bed!


  1. OMG! I thought I was the only one to loose my memory after having kids. I heard it was only during pregnancy but obviously for us that is not true. I have to write lists for everything or else I wont remember.

  2. #12... at first I read it as: you love being allergic to shrimp. heh
    I'm a Taurus too.

  3. #12 edited. You're right Ponderer that did sound weird.