Who knew?!

I went to run errands with my two year old today. Nothing exciting. Just needed some things for the kids, the house and myself. I decided that we were going to take our time and just go with the flow. At one place I had coffee and she had chocolate milk. We chit-chatted for a while. She actually enjoyed it. She's not very prone to sitting for that length of time anywhere (reminder: she's 2!). At another store we had "tea" with the set they had on display. My daughter kept serving and I kept "sipping". She was having a ball and I was just ignoring everyone that was looking at us. Later we had lunch and again she sat longer than usual. We ran another couple of errands and she was offering me to help carry stuff and not running around and hiding as usual. We drove back home in time to go pick "big brother" from school but got there early so I was able to read a magazine while my little partner in crime took a small nap. Who knew that a day of mundane errands could've actually turned out to be fun?

BTW here's a card that was inspired by the sketch that I posted a few days ago. It's completely made with cut paper and a block print I made.


  1. Hi there. You don't know me but I tagged you to list the 20 Random Things about yourself. I've seen you on SB and Paperpreneurs. :)

  2. It was actually fun doing my list. Just curious why did you decide to tag me? Have I ever chatted with you on those forums? Funny how the internet is so vast but can be very small at the same time. BTW you're not crazy because you want another baby - I didn't want to have an "only child" either!