just checking in

Ledge boxes by Patricia Zapata

Have you ever had several books on your night table and you tackle all of them bits at a time? That's where I'm at with some of my projects. My work space is a complete disaster zone.

I've been chipping away at getting files together for different collections and sketching and experimenting with other styles and ideas. I started another Instagram account solely for my sketching (@pzexplorations) and the boxes above are the result of an idea that came to fruition while watching the Grammy's (which weren't completely holding my attention anyway). I'm still waiting for sample from Spoonflower so there's that too. So you see, I've been quiet but not altogether sitting still. 

While I come back with something completed here are a few of my favorite Instagram feeds that you may find interesting:
- Rachel Ryle - If you find animation and illustration interesting at all you should really check out this artist's Instagram feed. Her work is amazing and so fun.
- Kelly Ventura - The way she works with watercolor is wonderful. Her style is free and vibrant.
- Crystal Wagner - I met this amazing paper artist when I was in Connecticut last year for a paper show. She is equally vibrant in person as her work appears in her photos. So much talent!

Have a great week!