3D paper embroidery revisited

3D embroidery - Patricia Zapata

Have you ever had an idea or a project just nagging at you and just wanting to come out? This is one of those projects. It's a like a little tap, tap, tap that my brain makes every now and then. This is not new. I've shown it a couple of other times in the past two years (yes, that's how long it's been). This time it will be different because I want to take it further. For now this is my latest iteration and more will be coming — where you get to join in the fun.

Part of me always feels a little guilty about just using black and white because in my creative world color is "everything". Part of me feels absolute delight. Color is harder for me than I care to admit. I LOVE black and white — more than anyone knows.

3D embroidery - Patricia Zapata

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