all seasons wreaths

So here we are. Finally! 
There is a serious virus that is knocking people down all around here. It kicked me pretty good and I had to lay low for several days including a weekend in bed. Yuck. Happily all is well now so I can get back on track.

I'm pretty proud of all the projects that I come up with but sometimes there are some designs that are more true to my core design instincts which makes them extra special—this All Seasons Wreaths is definitely one of them (promo code: thankyou -- look on the home page for details). 

I started with the Winter wreath. I didn't want it to become another Wreath Gift Set so I kept thinking I needed something else to make it stand out. That's when the idea of seasons popped into mind. I like adding versatility to my designs whenever possible and that's why I made these easy to use as artwork or as gift boxes. The photos don't show examples but I've also included a file where all four wreaths have the shapes completely cut out (no 3D lifted pieces) which can be used for gift tags, cards or frameable artwork.

Keep in mind that as with all paper projects color is a big deal too. Look at how different an all white design looks with or without color! Big difference, right? I like both—depends on where and how it's going to be used. Keep in mind that the completely white version would look amazing inside a shadow box with a colored background. Do you see it?

Last but not least I decided to play around with patterns inspired by the wreath designs themselves. I don't have any immediate plans for these right now—unfortunately. 

I still have unfulfilled dreams of having my own fabric and paper goods collections. Another one is for my box designs to be produced by a manufacturer so that people that don't have cutting machines can enjoy them too. All in good time. For now I'm putting together some pitches and we'll see what happens. No telling what the future will hold!

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