leafy petals

As far as weather is concerned you can't beat March—at least in Texas. If it stayed like this forever I'd be in heaven. We had several days with clear skies and just perfect temperatures. Gorgeous! I'll be wistfully thinking of these days once we're in the middle of summer.

I guess all of this is what makes flowers the predominant thing going on around here. Here's a new one for today and for the next 24 hours it's a freebie for you. They are SVG and DXF files for cuting machines only. I believe it's too complicated to cut by hand-sorry! Go get it!

If you see this post at a later date the file will be on sale in my shop here.

Have a great day!

• • •

PS - My blogging will be a bit sporadic from now until Surtex. I'm simply too busy with all that plus other projects. Hopefully it will all pay off in the end!  For those of you that pray, I could certainly use some prayers so that everything goes well and that I stay sane. Thank you so much!

leafy petals


  1. it really is lovely....since I'm not very mathematically saavy, I am guessing you used just the one in various sizes? Love it!

    1. Actually there are three different designs. One for the orange part (in four different sizes) and two in the center.

  2. What a beautiful flower! Love your work and I'm a long-time lurker :)

    We've got snow storms here on the Baltic coast today. Lucky me, I'm coming to Houston next Tuesday ;)

  3. The flower is beautiful! Thanks for the freebies, they've been wonderful - can't wait to play with them.

    Praying that all goes well and your sanity!

  4. These are all so beautiful. Which die cut machine do you use for these files,cuts?