simple monday - paper punch flower

paper punch flower

Sometimes you just need a quick project that you can mindlessly work on while watching TV or listening to good music. This is one of those—super easy.

1.75 in. circle punch
- 1 in. circle punch
- Button
- Foam dots
- Glue

- Punch out one 1.75" circle to use as a base and 30 1" circles for the petals.
- Attach the button with foam dots to the center of the large circle.
- Fold all the small circles in half. Glue them around the button (with the edge of each circle tucked under the button). I creased some all the way and some only slightly which make the latter petals appear more open—giving the flower an uneven look/texture.

This flower is similar to the one in a previous tutorial but the difference is that these petals are standing upright and not on their side.

- Leave the center empty (no button) and use green paper to use it as a wreath gift topper!
- This is a perfect project to use up scraps—make it multicolored!
- It can also be a recycling project by using magazine pages.

Happy Monday!

paper punch flower

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