what summer should be about

Sometimes there are weekends you just want to do over simply because they were so much fun. This past one is one of them. 

We went blueberry picking! It was insanely hot out there (even though we made sure to go at 6pm) but it was a lot of fun. To top it off we now have berries to eat for days and days (they're organic and only $2lb—at Moorehead's Blueberry Farm). 

Random thing I'll remember: The kids would yell "Marco" and strangers among the trees would yell back "Polo". Everyone was laughing and we had no idea who was answering. Funny how sound travels in a field. 

I'm taking it slow this week and getting ready for our trip. I can't wait! 
I hope you all had some rest and fun too. Ta-ta!


  1. Lucky! I would LOVE it if I had an organic blueberry field nearby where I could pick my own. As it is I've been buying lots and trying to put some aside to freeze. But it's hard, they're SO tasty. Marco Polo... how fun!

  2. That sounds like so much fun! I love the Marco/Polo bit :) I hope you have a great time on your trip!!