stationery gift box

stationery gift box

I told you I was going to take things slow this week. Well I stuck to that rather surprisingly well—so I hope you excuse my absence. If I'm completely honest I wish I could disappear for a month. It would be so nice to just go and drop everything work related. I think I'm getting into one of those bi-yearly "I need a break" moods and fortunately my wish will be granted in a few days when we go on our long awaited vacation. Yes!


I've been taking it really easy and work has been a bit on the back burner which makes this week's freebie a bit different. I didn't get any response with the posting of butterfly projects and I get it... it's the summer (at least in this part of the hemisphere), vacations are happening and family time is more of a priority, etc. etc. I'm going to undust my A Little Hut Projects Flickr group where you can post and share a photo of your A Little Hut project whenever you'd like. I'll accept anything that is related to my tutorials or my shop goodies that you've used. So feel free to join at any time and I can't wait to see what you post!

This week's freebie is really a giveaway of my latest Stationery Gift Box (I love, love it!) that will be open until Sunday at 8pm (central). If you'd like to participate just leave a comment here and let me know something about yourself—anything that you'd like to share. I'd love to hear from many of you. I will randomly select 5 winners and make the winners announcement on Monday. Sound good?


GIVEAWAY!Stationery Gift Box
I love how this project can be used in so many ways! I can see it being used as a hostess gift, a get well kit (tea bags, yes?), a DIY card making kit for someone crafty in your life (buttons, brads, ribbons, blank cards?), a memory box of cards you've received, and so much more. There's a gift card insert in this set too! You'll still have room to include some candy or other trinkets to make your gift more personalized. Do you want your gift to be visible? Use the window box. Do you prefer to close off the whole box and decorate the outside? Use the decorative frame box. Both are included!

I'm going to make one of these for a birthday party that we will be going to on Sunday. I'll share on Monday!

Have a wonderful (crafty?) weekend everyone!

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