petals slides

The first full week of summer is always so crazy for me. Juggling work and mom duties becomes all intermingled and my priority list is a mess. Mom guilt creeps in there too. 

So... I'm trying a little experiment I'm getting up at 4am every week day (started 2 days ago) to get some, if not all, my work done before the kids wake up. The kicker? The kids are getting up earlier than they did when getting up from school! Earlier! What on earth for and why oh why?

petals slides

petals slides

In any case, this tryout seems to be working for me. I'm sharp and efficient with work because I know it's just a matter of time before my alone time is up. We'll see how long I can keep it up. The real novelty is getting to bed before midnight. I'm a night owl and the 9pm bedtime is foreign territory but I'm making myself do it. Wish me luck! 

fantasy petals

Shop update
The Fantasy Petals are finally up in the shop and new Petals Slides (which are great for gift wrapping and card making) are also there. The center of the slides can be customized in so many ways—I used embellishments and bubble caps cut with the Epiphany Crafts Shape Studio Tool which is my newest favorite tool.

Don't forget that the Leaf Tag will only be available until tomorrow night! If anyone is interested in sharing their projects that was made with the leaf or inspired by it, please upload it here.

Be well my friends!


  1. 4AM? Gah! How much time does that give you? I'd only have 2 hours and it wouldn't be worth it. Next week will be my adjustment time. Not sure what's better, starting work early or staying up late to work. Good luck finding the balance!

    1. I'm getting about 3 hrs of SOLID work done. The last half hour the kids are already awake but they never eat as soon as they get up so they're lazy and hang out on the sofa or in bed a bit of extra time before breakfast.

      I'm surprised at how fast I am when I focus like this! So far, so good!

    2. Oh and I'm making it a firm point to unplug internet and email. I don't look at them at all. During the day I answer emails here and there. I'm leaving the hard core design for those three hrs.

  2. I guess I'm really in a "purple" mood (,your beautiful flower really caught my eye! I don't have a cutting machine, but enjoy your blog just the same, dreaming is important!

  3. Gorgeous! I love the way your mind works. I would have never thought of lifting the paper the way you have & it looks fab.


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