oh happy day!

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I'm in the mood to celebrate!

- Today is the last day of school! Sixth grade and third grade are now history. Phew! The kids couldn't be any happier and I'll have to admit I'm pretty thrilled myself.

- As of 11:45 last night I am a first time aunt to a little guy that has already melted our hearts. Yay!!! Now to spoil, enjoy and give him back to his parents whenever I need a baby fix. Haha!

What do you have to celebrate?

• • •

Today's freebie is about keeping it simple or using repetition to make something more elaborate. I made these two completely different projects with the same leaf image.

You can barely see them but I used wire rings for the wine tags and I used a couple of layers of Mod Podge to make the leaves water proof. Wine tags came to mind because we've been needing them for a long time and I kept being stubborn about making them myself. So I'll consider this the first project of the summer—check!

if you don't have a cutting machine you can still participate! This may be an image that you'd like to cut by hand or simply be inspired by its graphic quality to make something else. Just do whatever you're inclined to do! There are no wrong answers and the point of this is just to have some creative fun time.

Friday Tidbits
- This bird nest project caught my eye this week. Newspaper is a great resource!
- I'd love stand right here one day.
- But I shouldn't complain because this will be our view for a couple of weeks in July. Can wait!

leaf tag

If you're interested in sharing... don't forget to post your projects below. Just click on the blue bar.

FTI - If you're reading my blog in a reader you won't see the link that let's you post your project. You'll have to visit my blog to do that. Thanks!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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