floral trio

3d flowers

Although I call myself a non-flowery person (more in the decor side of things) I actually do really like flowers. I enjoy making them and I definitely enjoy the occasional vase full of fresh cut flowers (specially if they happen to come from my Mr Z!).


So far my flower sets have been very graphic and not really specifically resembling any plants. That why this Floral Trio set is quite unique. It includes a passion fruit flower, a magnolia and a poppy flower. In addition to these three flowers you can mix and match the pieces to make your own variations.

passion fruit flower

One of the fun parts of working on a project like this is doing research and that's when Google images comes in really handy. I only look at photos or biology diagrams of the real thing. I don't like to look at illustrations or other paper creations because I want the design to be my own interpretation—to have my own flavor.

I'm really happy with the way they turned out. In particular I know that as a crafter I would appreciate the fact that they can go further. All the petals can be used in a mix-and-match type of way, so you'll end up with quite a floral collection—not just three samples.


Here is a short video on how you can put together the files for the magnolia and passion fruit flower. I hope it helps you out!

The Floral Trio is now in the shop. Enjoy!

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