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I honestly don't remember when I started listening to Diane Gilleland's CraftyPod podcast. She's been on the air since 2005. All I know is that I've been hooked ever since the beginning. I love the way she engages with her guests and the insightful interviews that she delivers. CraftyPod 2.0 is a bi-weekly 30 minute show where Diane interviews all sorts of people in the world of creativity and craft. A small-business angle is also part of some of the conversations. I was fortunate to finally meet Diane in person at the Houston Quilt Market in October and she is just as genuine and she sounds on the air.

I typically listen to the show when I'm working on a project because listening to other creatives that I can relate to, makes the process sweeter. You have no idea how many times I laugh out loud or just nod my head in agreement over something I'm hearing.

All of Diane's interviews are so thought provoking and entertaining. They make my wheels turn. I learn, I take new approaches to my businesses and I analyze what I do every time I hear one of her interviews. It doesn't matter if she's interviewing someone that is into paper (one of my all-time favorite shows!), stitchery or painting—the ideas and inspiration just flow—every time.   

For this post I asked Diane...
What do you enjoy most about making this podcast and why do you do it?
The thing I enjoy most about making the podcast is looking for interesting stories happening in our crafty landscape - stories that have the potential to spark new ideas or change the way we think. I love finding just the right combination of idea, interview guest, and editing to bring these stories to life. 
I make the show because, as crafters, we spend a lot of time crafting... and while our hands are busy, many of us listen to something or other. Back in 2005 I thought, "Wouldn't it be cool if we could listen to something crafty while we craft?" And that's when the show was born!
CraftyPod 2.0 is offered as a monthly subscription of $1.98 per month or shows can be ordered for .99 cents each. With a subscription, you get each new show automatically delivered to your iAmplify library page, where you can sync it with your iTunes account, stream it, or download it. This sounds techie/complicated but it really isn't. The sign-up and set up only took me a few minutes—really painless and totally worth it.

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"Inspired by" is a new weekly post where I will feature something/someone that inspires me in some way. I am not compensated in any way for these posts. They are entirely my own words and personal opinions. I hope you enjoy each post and that you will feel inspired too!

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  1. I love the idea of your "Inspired By" series and will be looking forward to more posts. I am a long time Craftypod listener as well, and am happy to support Diane's podcast. Already a subscriber and loving it!

  2. Completely agree with you, Patricia. Diane has such an insightful way of inspiring people to do their best and be their best. The craft community is lucky to have her.