falling leaves

falling leaves

I never can decided if October or March is my favorite month of the year. In any case, the mere fact that we can open all our windows and enjoy cool weather, without having to resort to the air conditioning, is wonderful—maybe more like awesome!

falling leaves

This is also my most productive time of the year. Coincidence? Probably not. I've always been the type to be affected by the weather. Which is a great thing because last week I was SO busy. I have several projects in the works—and yes, the book proposal is one of them (it's coming along—yay!).

falling leaves

And speaking of productivity here is a new set of cutting files that are now available in the shop. I didn't want to design a typical autumn set and I'm so happy how this little group turned out. They are available as SVG, DXG and PDF files.

Autumn may have inspired this Falling Leaves set, but it can be used throughout the year. Just changing the color of paper will make them look and feel completely different. As a bonus, and because the fall social season is starting, I added a wine tag so you can decorate it with any one of the images in this group. Any one of my flowers would be great for this too.

Happy Monday everyone!

• • •

For those of you that have asked:
I've been using only Paper Source paper in my projects during this year. I absolutely love their colors! I use both cover and text weight (depends on the project). If only they had larger sheets...

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  1. I just recently discovered your blog and I am in love with all that you create! Can't wait to dig into the archives a big more and see your creations! Big fan!