an ornament needs your help


Ok, I need your help. When I finished using a roll of painter's tape, I was left with this cardboard ring. I decided that it should become a holiday ornament (no use denying that time of the year is nearly here!), but after painting it white (to have a nice place to start from) I got derailed.

I have several ideas that involve different materials, but I can't decide what direction I should take. The pressure is completely off on this project—it's for fun. So, I thought you may want to help me decide. Fear not, I will turn this into a tutorial, so I'll show you what I did next week.


I could easily leave it as is. It crudely reminds me of of this beautiful jewelry. But, I want to develop this further. In fact, this is the first of my ornament series for the end of the year. Fun!

Are you game? If so, click here to take my two question survey. I'll keep the survey open until Friday at midnight. Thank you for joining in!

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