an open letter

Dear creative colleague,

I want you to have your own journey. 
I want you to enjoy the discovery of your own strengths and talents. 
I want you to look forward to developing your next idea. 
I want you to relish the start of a new project. 
I want you to succumb to failure so that you can learn how to stand up again. 
I want you to feel stuck and discover what it takes for you to get going once more.
I want you to feel accomplishment and pride after a job well done.  
I want you to understand that the creative process can only start with your own hand and end with it as well. 
I want you to realize that you are depriving the rest of us of your treasures when you only offer glimpses of your talent.
I really do want all this for you.

Be inspired by those around you. Absorb everything. Reinterpret what you see, hear, feel, taste and smell. Reinterpret. Do not reiterate. Experiment, explore and grow. Develop your own voice and delve into the creative path you are on. You won't regret the steps that take you forward. And not even those that take you backwards. Aside from shortcuts, they will all be valuable to you.

Just let us see what you can really do. More importantly, show yourself what you can really do. 

• • •

PS. Before you ask - This is not directed to anyone in particular at all. It isn't written because of any specific event or issue that has presented itself recently. It is simply something that I've thought about for a long, long time and just now, when I'm in a good place, do I feel that it is right to put it into words. It is my way to put some thoughts to rest—and yes that sounds totally vague, but just take it at face value. No mysteries here!

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