sunset flowers collection

sunset flowers collection

I am the first one to be surprised at the fact that my most recent project is another flower collection, because I've always described myself as the non-flower-y type.

Aside from the occasion natural flower arrangement, I don't really use flowers in our home decor and there are very limited instances in my clothing. I was thinking about this a bit more, while I worked on this latest set, when I realized that I don't work on these designs thinking of them as flowers. I find them to be more exercises in pretty geometry and I end up calling them flowers because that's what they look like.

sunset flowers collection

About the geometry...

- My sketchbooks are full of geometric looking doodles.
- In college, my interior design teacher tried to convince me to change my major from graphic design to interior design, because I was doing so well in her 3D class.
- In high school, I loved geometry while many of my classmates couldn't stand it.
- If I go back even further, I would say that this all got started with wooden blocks and then Legos. Our kids benefit from the latter!

Funny how, in one way or another, you stick to what is familiar, comfortable and just plain fun.

What do you do today that is a reflection of a past interest?

• • •

This new set of cutting files, Sunset Flowers (named after the photo from my last post), is now available on my web site and my Etsy shop.

Have an awesome day!

sunset flowers collection

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