I was in a bad spot today. Very bad. One of those that freezes you up and nothing gets accomplished. The reason? My brain was working against me—completely.

It's scary when the very thing that lets me soar in creative moments, is also the one that sabotages me when the floodgates of self-doubts are open.

On the other hand, if I don't have doubts, I can't perfect my craft. I can't close the loopholes of my ideas. The trick is not to let the sabotage get to the point where I'm not moving—like today.

Instead of rambling about how awful that feels (you've read that before, if you've been here long enough) I thought I'd better come up with ways to get over this.

This is what I have so far:
1. Just assume the rest of the day is going to be out of wack. Take the day off.
2. Get out of the house—see other people. Working solo is great 90% of the time. This is part of the 10% when alone doesn't work.
3. If the above isn't possible call a good friend—those that are totally willing to hear your bla-bla-bla, not bat an eyelash and give you a wise word or phrase like: "snap out of it!"
4. Better yet, call your sweet and patient Mr.—who has heard you go through this many times.
5. Do homework with the kids. Nothing like the reminder of real life issues, like rounding to the nearest hundred.
6. Stay away from the internet, although some twitter chat is ok.
7. Indulge in a yummy dinner and go to bed early with a good book in hand.

Hopefully, what is left behind is a clear mind and enthusiasm for a fresh start.
Cheers to that!

• • •

Funny that this sheet of paper came out of the "nothing" that got done today! It's the leftover of a project—which looks 100 times better than what I was working on. Ha!

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