paper cuff

paper cuff

Well... I didn't expect to be gone so long. It's been all about the family and trying to be a good hostess. Phew!

I finally got a chance to touch some paper with a simple idea that I just had to work on.

I'm not big on accessories. I prefer smaller earrings and simple rings, but I find cuffs are another thing. If I knew how to work with a material that would make this more durable, this is what I would want to make. Repetition of triangles—simple and abstract. It sort of reminds me of intertwined branches.

Can't you see this made out of some sort of felt or leather? Something in acrylic or wood also comes to mind—even several layers of paper with ModPodge might work. Any suggestions?

Here's to a great week! Happy Monday!

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  1. Claude Montana did an entire vest and elbow length cuffs in black leather, with this look, in his spring 1993 collection. It is one of my favorite pieces ever. I wish there was a way to attach photos for you.