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I can never say that I have nothing to blog about—at least not for a quite a while. Remember my survey? I've been meaning to report on that. I'd like to thank you all of you that have participated. The response that I've received so far, has exceed my expectations. If you're interested in filling it out (only 5 questions!) I'm still taking responses here.

I have read every single one of your comments and some of you have actually made me—ahem—swallow with a bit of difficulty, blush and smile ear-to-ear.

Below is a summary, in no particular order, of your answers to the last question (your wish list of subjects you'd like me to cover). Many of them overlapped, so I grouped similar responses in one line item. But, like I said, I read absolutely everything.
  1. Multi-layered collages
  2. Writing about the tradition of paper cutting in Mexico, Switzerland, Germany, Japan
  3. Projects involving paper folding that can be done with children
  4. Projects that do not need specialist tools
  5. Speedy projects as well as those that take longer
  6. DIY home and office organizers
  7. Advice on colors, graphics and text on a printed page
  8. Fabric projects
  9. Paper flowers
  10. Inspirations on projects to make that could translate into artwork for the walls.
  11. Notebooks
  12. Garlands
  13. Themed projects: Christmas, Halloween, etc
  14. Boxes
  15. Mix paper with felt, fabric, ceramic, wood, plastic bags, etc.
  16. How to make paper
  17. Organizing craft supplies, specially papers and tools
  18. Making decorative book/journal covers using stencils or other decorative items
  19. Recycled gift tags
  20. Favorite tools for a paper crafter (substitutes for those outside of US)
  21. Recycling and crafty with kids (groups of kids)
  22. Christmas or for any time gift ideas
  23. Reflection/process/challenge to grow artistic vision and expression (project from initial concept to finished project)
  24. How I developed my business
  25. Embroidery on paper
  26. Projects using different types of paper: crepe, vellum, etc.
  27. See projects in their setting- have they lasted/held up
  28. How to store paper and tools
  29. Workspace – how to set up a craft friendly area
  30. Projects around a color theme
  31. Ethnic or travel-inspired crafts
  32. Gift-wrapping ideas
  33. Gift tags
  34. Product reviews (glue, cutting mat, etc – simple things)
  35. Book-binding
  36. How to transport materials
  37. History of paper
  38. What paper for what mediums (ie watercolor paper)
  39. Photo galleries of things that inspire me
  40. Idea development from spark to finish with discards shown
  41. Custom envelopes for cards
  42. How to make time for crafting
  43. My style in other media: home decor, stenciling, aesthetics, etc.
  44. How did I get into crafting
  45. Paper craft ideas to decorate kids' rooms
  46. Paper lamps
I'd be too worried to guarantee that I'll cover every suggestion but I'll give it a fair shot. If I don't consider myself an expert in a particular topic, I'll approach it as a student and you'll see me fail or succeed. How does that sound?

I can't tell you how excited I am to tackle this list. As you can see I've already scratched two items off—but this isn't to say that they can't be revisited.

So what do you think I should tackle next?

If I could only show you what I'm up to!


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