more hearts

You're all going to think that I'm seriously into Valentine's Day—here I am with more hearts. I really have fun coming up with these projects but the holiday itself doesn't do much for me. The kids on the other hand can't wait for it to come—personally, I think it's their love for chocolate that gets them.

This a sample of a new set of SVG files for 6 different hearts and one card that are in my shop. I'm not selling these as PDFs simply because I can't see anyone having the patience or time (I don't have either!) to cut all these little shapes out by hand—but if anyone wants to tackle them feel free to order the SVG version and email me to send you a PDF.


Please don't take my initial comments the wrong way. I completely understand those of you that enjoy the day and celebrate it in all its sweet splendor, but Mr. Z is completely off the hook on the 14th. I prefer the flowers and treats that he sprinkles spontaneously throughout the year. I love it when he walks through the door with a sheepish smile and flowers in hand. That totally makes my day.

So what does it for you? V-day, the spontaneous any-day or both?


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