spring is in the air

The mundane part of my life (aka mountains of laundry) is keeping me indoors on the most beautiful afternoon ever. The sun is shining and the birds are signing away. The thing is, that if I don't take care of the work right now, I'll come up with some fabulous excuse to avoid it all. So here I am taking a tiny break which will be followed by a yummy "arroz con pollo" that I just made.

from my little dd
Tiny flowers from my little C.

Fear not, there's a slightly more interesting reason for me to post today. If you have anything that you'd like to ask me you can do so on Formspring. I'm curious to know what your questions will be, but also a bit nervous too. Be kind my friends (I know, you always are).

I hope you're enjoying your weekend and that it's more exciting than mine!


  1. I applaud you for being so determined with the washing. I always end up finding the most far-fetched excuses for not doing it. I hope the arroz con pollo and the empty washing basket were a good reward!

  2. I luckily got to spend a little time outside today! Weeding, but I'll take it! It was so gorgeous - store it up for the hot summer...

  3. Ninotschka - It didn't all get done but I was close...

    Sarah - Lucky you. I actually enjoy weeding if you can believe that. At least the fruits of one's labor last longer than an empty hamper! ;)