I was sketching out some ideas when my little C asked me if she could work on something herself. It didn't surprise me all that much since she's done that before—and even though she has her own sketchbooks, she prefers that we share mine. Sometimes I'll turn to a new page and a little one of her doodles is on it. More often than not, I have no idea when it was made. It's just there to give me a sweet hello.

Yesterday I was drawing on the left page while she was working on the opposite side.

shared sketchbook

I traced some of her rectangles and came up with this pattern (the proportions will be larger in the final piece). I love it so much that I'm going to get it printed as soon as I decide what color to use.

daughter + mom collaboration

It thrills me to see my little C interested in what I do. Sometimes I wonder if the reason is that she'll be artistic herself or that she simply wants to hang out with Mom. I'll take either one.

Do you have little ones that follow in your footsteps? What do they do?


  1. Quit being so awesome!

    I totally take that back. Keep being so awesome! LOVE that this is a team effort - you inspire her, she inspires you - and in turn, you've inspired me and probably many others as well. Sweet!

  2. Love the rectangles! I have a couple of collaborators who have left their contributions in my sketchbooks. I love it. My youngest tends to art direct me tho. At 4, he would redraw my sketches to show me the right way. He'll be a boss someday ;-)

  3. Excellent!! Love the quality of her lines, too.

  4. Inspiration is all around us - we see it, they see it - and it's exhilarating when the two come together! I really enjoy seeing how other moms/kids come together! From the moment my son took an interest in doodling, I bought him a sketchbook. His skills are quickly surpassing mine mainly b/c he never stops...access is so key!

  5. i can only hope that my little will show an interest in sketching or anything creative !

  6. It's like you were reading my mind! Just this morning I found myself daydreaming about my daughter growing older and wanting to work on handmade projects with me... a mother can hope, right?

  7. What a beautiful joint effort :)....Two of my kiddos have shown an interest in taking pictures and my older daughter will get the urge to crochet every now and then...The coolest thing though is when she takes some of her old clothes and refashions them. It's great knowing your children do look up to you even when you sometimes feel they don't have a clue. :)

  8. Thanks everyone! I'm about to order the fabric but I don't know what color to choose. I'm probably going to do a neutral because I want to add color with embroidery...

    Amanda - I love looking at pictures that kids take. Their perspective is so unique – as it is with so many things. I’m hoping to teach my little one to crochet soon. I’m excited about that. So very cool that your daughter refashions clothes (coming from someone that has a sewing machine picking up a LOT of dust!).

  9. I am so there with you! Children's work is thrilling! :) Fun pattern...great "collaboration."


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