There are times that I feel so accomplished and fulfilled with my work. This week has been one of those times. I worked on a new corporate identity for an interior designer and I'm quite happy with the way it turned out. I'm finishing up a couple of other challenging projects and an interesting one came in today. It's been non-stop around here.

I've also been busy on the A Little Hut front. My shop has been updated with some gift tags and tealight covers that match the flats that made their debut recently. The tealight covers almost didn't make the cut. I'm not sure why I kept going back and forth with them, but they stayed.

I feel so in tune with this new collection of graphic images. I think that's why I'm really thrilled with it. I'm also proud about the fact that this is the most environmentally friendly product I've ever made. ALL the paper is FSC certified and produced in a paper mill the uses hydrolic energy. I've also saved every single scrap of tiniest cut paper because I have plans for it too. No paper is going to waste.

Tomorrow will be time to catch up on the house chores that seem to magically pile up (le sigh). I'm trying to avoid wasting the weekend away on any of it.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I really love this new work of yours! It's just stunning.

  2. Gorgeous! i LOVE the simplicity!

    Can I ask: what digital cutter are you using? I use a Craft Robo. The fine detail on your cuts are so lovely....

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. So beautiful. I love these - I can envision seeing this design at West Elm or Pottery Barn.

  4. I'm eager to see the clever way you use the scraps. Your resourcefulness is inspiring... And loving your new designs!

  5. So so lovely, I'm working on some paper cuts to turn into screenprints and your work is really inspiring :)

  6. Thank you so much everyone!

    Molly - Thank you for sharing about the Craft Robo. I hadn't heard about that machine yet.

    Anna - I love your work. Wasn't it featured in Poppytalk recently?

  7. I love your jobs... very very beautiful...Hugs from Argentina...