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I've printed using linoleum blocks but never potatoes. It's such a simple technique and yet I had never tried it. My chance came around because Rae Grant's lovely book, Crafting Fun: 101 Things to Make and Do with Kids, inspired us to give it a try.

We cut out some random shapes and the kids jumped right in with the printing. Little C had a hard time holding the potatoes because they kept slipping out of her hand. So, I stuck a pair of toothpicks in each one to make it easier for her.

Things got a bit messy (part of the fun!), but I could tell the kids were enjoying themselves. They said something about using their prints to decorate cards for their grandparents—not a bad idea at all. So, I think that will be our next step. For now, we can't eat at our kitchen table, because all our artwork is drying on it.

We also printed simple designs on a set of white napkins and matching tablecloth. As soon as I finish the endless amount of ironing I'll have to do, in order to set the ink, I'll show you how everything turned out.

Tomorrow we're going to tackle a recipe in Rae's Cooking Fun: 121 Simple Recipes to Make with Kids book. Predictably the kids want to try something from the dessert chapter.

What I really like about Rae's books is the fact that all the projects and recipes are very simple and easy to follow. There are no big set ups or complicated materials/ingredients to buy. In addition, most of the pages contain vintage illustrations of the 20's and 30's, which add so much to their charm. We will definitely be putting these books to good use.

By the way, our wrapping paper is still hanging on the wall. I'm so tempted of adding a simple rod at the top and bottom to keep it there as artwork. We'll see.

• • •

Thank you so much for your kind message and emails regarding my book. I'm so touched by all your support. If you're interested in purchasing a book directly from me, please stay tuned for details.

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