do you know the name of this flower?

I'm dying to know. My apologies for the bad photo. I couldn't keep my hand steady enough for my cell phone. Apparently, it also has a hard time with close ups.

We were at the Houston Children's Museum on Saturday and had a wonderful time even though it was packed (everyone escaping the heat?). When we went to the outer area of the museum, these flowers just jumped out at me. They look amazing in person and it seems that they grow in vine fashion.

EDIT - Gosh you're all so fast! So, it's a passion flower. Thanks everyone!


  1. i tweeted u but found the wikipedia page here:

    it's a gorgeous flower, wish i could see it in person too!

  2. Google Passion Flower, you'll find lots of info. =)

  3. My favourite flower! A house I lived in had one growing over the back wall, and in summer we'd go out and collect warm granadillas for breakfast.

  4. Yup, it's a passion flower! And they grow really well here in Texas. Though it seems kind of random if they get eaten up by caterpillars or not.

  5. Hola Patricia!
    Yeap, it's the Passion Flower... also known in Spanish as "Clavos de Cristo" (that's how I would call it). As you can guess, I am Spanish but live in The Netherlands; I have my "Clavos de Cristo" in my terrace... How not?
    By the way, I love your work! You are so talented! Thanks for the magic you share with us!

  6. specifically, it looks like passiflora caerulea. I have it and it spreads underground like crazy. It is beautiful is the host plant for and the gulf fritillary caterpillars, which are reddish with big black spines covering their bodies.

  7. Passion Flowers grow up here in Saskatchewan, too. Funky looking - like they were designed by a committee :-)

  8. They're all known as maypops. :)

  9. yes Passiflora, the cerulean one


    the fruit is SO good! (from some species, not all of them) and refreshing, jus perfect for a summer drink :)

  10. We saw quite a few varieties of this when we went to Butterfly World in Florida. There is nothing humble about them, is there? Showoffs!

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