ten minutes

It's the time it took me to slap an open security envelope and one of last week's doodles on the scanner and make this image.

- I knew this wasn't something that I'd normally do (make a collage type image) but I decided to try anyway.
- I felt out of my comfort zone.
- It's hard to pick just one color.
- Why did I have to pick just one color?
- I doodle a lot of leaf inspired shapes. A lot.
- I want to make a simplified version of this.
- It's not the best thing ever but not everything needs to be perfect.
- I like that you can tell it's hand drawn.
- This has given me an idea for a paper project.
- I didn't really think much. I just went with whatever came to mind—quickly.

Conclusion: I should do this more often.

The true reason why I wanted to write this post: to bump my birthday post further down the page. Enough with that already. However, I do appreciate all your lovely wishes. Thank you so much. I had a great day and weekend celebrating with my family.

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