I'm following through with what I said about teaching. I have a phone call set up, for nest week, with a very experienced teacher who has generously offered some of her valuable time. I'm really looking forward to hearing what tips and advice she will give me. I've also contacted a local group where I think it would be possible to teach a class.

I'm making a list of the possible directions my class could take. I need to narrow the scope of my ideas. So, this is where I need a little help from you. For those of you that would consider taking a class with me (whether you live here or not)- What would you like to learn from me? I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

• • •

The kids are down to the second to last week of school and I need to get some things done before summer officially starts in this household. I feel scattered. So, I think a little blogging break is in order. Fear not I will have new goodies when I get back next week. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of the week!

The bowl is one of the originals from the cover on my book.


  1. Hey, good for you!
    I love the idea of recycling junk mail and magazines into useful and cool projects, especially now when buying craft supplies seems a bit self indulgent. It satisfies my need to reuse and recycle and if I can get a few gifts made too, well then, that's a bonus.
    Good luck!

  2. That is so great! It's inspiring to see others going after their dream and taking the steps to make it happen. I'm wishing I was nearby so I could take your class. I like the block prints in your shop and would love a class on linoleum block printing.

  3. after watching your tutorial on hgtv i've been wanting to try block printing. i'd definitely sign up for that class!

  4. Hi Patricia! Congratulations on your decision and on your acting on it!

    I´d love to attend a class on tips and techniques on paper craft (bidimensional and also your boxes, etc).

    And maybe also a class where you could share all the steps involved in a project, from problem/motivation to inspiration and first ideas.

  5. Hey Patricia!
    I love your blog and wish I could have attended your classes. Would love to get tips and tutorials on your 3D paper work and also tips on how to recycle paper into effective home decor ideas

  6. Ooh excited.

    I'd take any paper cutting tips. It's hard! Good luck.

  7. Wow, the kids are out so soon! We go til mid June!

    I'd love to learn some of the "3D" papercutting- the layered looks you do ( Maybe the frame is supplied as part of the cost of the class. Everyone walks out with a completed, ready to hang image. Nice!

  8. I'd take ANY class you taught- in a heartbeat! I'd love a class on recycled paper crafts... but I'd be thrilled with a paper cutting or lino block workshop, too. I don't think you can go wrong, Patricia! I'm just beginning the teaching process myself and it's very exciting, if not a bit scary. Have a good break.

  9. I love your paper cutting, so maybe that would make a great present plus your recycled ideas are fabulous. If people come away with someting v useful like that gorgeous bowl, I think they'd be happy. You should work out your week by week schedule, and what projects you will do, per week(s) and then people can decide if they want to come. I guess you can match each skill with a project.

    Someone in London has started a workspace called MAKE Lounge where all different classes go on (sewing, knitting, printing etc etc) - how cool to have something like that to go to?

    Wish i lived near you, I'd be there, but I'm over here in the UK, so I'll get your book instead! Really glad you are going for it though!

  10. Thank you so much for all your ideas! They're really helping me figure out what I want to do.

    Claire - Aside from teaching, I've started putting together an idea to start a local craft group. I want to have a special time where several of us can get together and have some crafty time.

  11. I would have loved to take a class with you, if I didn't live so far from Texas.
    Making practical objects for home from recycled materials would interest me. And also I'm always intrigued at how you design things like the alphabet and pictures on the flash cards, the little boxes, etc.
    Good luck with your teaching!

  12. I would take any class you offered. :) But, I'm with Anusha...