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I'm cleaning up my studio today and here are a few things I could never get rid of.

- Sketch box :: It really is a recipe box but I use it for 2 minute sketch ideas. I make them whenever an idea hits or I do several in one sitting. These are separate from my sketch book because I don't thing about them. I just do. That sounds similar to what one would normally do in a sketchbook but somehow I don't feel so attached to them (maybe not bound permanently?) so the ideas just flow more freely. If I don't like it, it goes into to the recycle pile. If I do it stays in the box for future reference.

- Sketchbook :: I'm stuck on Moleskines. I love my black cover Moleskine but my cahiers (which aren't in the photo) are never far away either.

- Paper + envelopes :: Just got a new order and I love my new kraft envelopes! I've been wanting my card envelopes to be this color for a very long time but I had to use up all my previous stock first. I know kraft envelopes are everywhere but I don't care. Call this a small indulgence or a grown up version of a 2 year old "I want it!" fit. Either way I love them.

The paper will stay the same - a natural color with visible specs. Still love it too. I use French paper because of the quality and because of their focus on environmentally sound products.

- Small clipboard :: I use it for my to-do lists and it gets a lot of use. Who could ever get rid of a clipboard?

On an unrelated note :: If you've ever made anything using one of my tutorials as inspiration I'd love to see it. I've created a Flickr group for this purpose. I hope that doesn't come across as self-indulgent but I really enjoy seeing others' work. Some of you have been kind enough to email me photos of your creations - thank you! Now we'll all have a place to share. Care to join in the fun? Click here.

Since the tidiness in the picture does not reflect the rest of my studio, I must get back to work!

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