back... again

I'm so excited to start a new week. The last few days we have been trading germs around here and our spring break was very uneventful. I'm ready to get going again.

I got these flowers (ahem... weeds from our obliging yard) from my sweet little C to make me feel better. She gives them to me with such pride and heartfelt emotion. Really sweet, mushy moment. Upon closer inspection, I was surprised at how pretty the flowers actually are. Each one is no wider than a penny.

Saturday we finally got some sun as we got ourselves out for the last weekend of the Houston Rodeo. This 'farm' was part of a cute set up for kids that helped them explain the cycle of planting, harvesting and selling a crop. We were among the least looking Texan families out there. There isn't a single cowboy boot or hat in this house. Some people look great in them. I think I'd look odd.

Today the kids went back to school and the house felt really empty. I didn't realize it would be so hard to jump back into my routine.

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