would you say anything?

I asked D to draw five things to print a fabric design with his illustrations (just as I asked little C). He chose a space theme. I'm surprised that I didn't get a bunch of lightsabers and Star Wars characters—which he loves. I'm debating what to do about the flag. I think it's cute and I would have no problem in leaving it as is. But part of me thinks that he'll get on my case if I don't give him a chance to revise and tell him something now. What to do.

If all of our problems where this complicated we'd all have it made, right?


  1. I love your kids' drawings - and I think it is so great that you are going to use them! They would make lovely fabrics ...

  2. Hi Patricia!
    I love your new fabrics in your Etsy shop. Beautiful! You have been busy!

  3. Hi Patricia,
    I might leave the picture as is. It is very adorable - the flag's direction fits with the astronaut and level of drawing. Your son will soon grow beyond the astronaut. You will have to have both kids give you new drawings in a few months anyway, LOL, as their creative inspirations grow. How much fabric are you considering?

    Hope this helps...

    Laura in Andover, MA

  4. The selfish mom in me says just run it as is. But then the pragmatist mom in me says I'd probably just give it a once over with my son... "Are you suuuure you like everything as is? The helmet, the flag, the suit? Just double checking cuz, once this is printed, it's a done deal!" Usually it ends with an "I'm sure", but he still surprises me.

  5. What a dilemma! It wouldn't worry me but it sounds as though your son might be bothered if he realises. I'd have a look at it in Photoshop and see if I could reverse it without saying anything. Then you could show him the before and after versions and ask him to choose!

  6. I can certainly see how he arrived at that orientation, the flag would look backwards otherwise. A sign of genius?
    I'd leave it, that is what makes it charming.

  7. So cute...aww the flag is lovely...even backwards!

  8. Leave it be! The Space Mummy kicks butt!


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