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For a while, I've been wanting something made by the kids that wasn't just framed artwork. Printing my designs on fabric gave me the idea of making a pair of cushions for our room with fabric designed by little C & D. I didn't have a plan yet but the thought was pestering me.

Yesterday, as we were headed to the grocery store, little C was drawing on a pad (she carries paper and a pencil everywhere we go—I wonder where she got that from). She kept lifting up the pad for me to look at her drawings. Even if I'm driving I must look or else! This time she at least waited for a red light. It turns out she was drawing houses and the thought just clicked. I knew exactly what I wanted to do so I asked her to draw me 5 houses. I gave her no parameters. Just give me 5 houses. She drew one per page and added a sun, a moon and some birds to some of them. She drew these on the fly (in three minutes tops) while in a moving car. I absolutely love the birds!

I'm still fiddling with it but this is close to the pattern that I will be getting printed for the first of my cushions (maybe even placemats? gifts for grandparents?). Now to play with color. I want to keep it really simple.

I can't wait to see what D comes up with. I don't want to show him this yet so he's just as spontaneous and doesn't plan anything. I'll ask him to do the same - draw 5 things. That's it.

Before I leave (house chores are calling my name) a big thank you to:
- Nichole who posted three of my templates on her blog! Here, here and here.

- To Sew, Mama, Sew for including my to-do list holder in their list of gifts for multi-taskers.

- To Whip Up for including my magazine bowl in their list of boxes and containers tutorials.

Things that caught my eye recently:
- I LOVE this
- There are calendar round-ups popping up everywhere but this one in particular is really good.

The kids will be home next week for the Thanksgiving break so I don't know if I'll be around here much. For now, I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend!


  1. that is so great! love it, and can't wait to see the final product!

  2. what fun! i just turned one of my daughter's drawings into a block print this week..she's so excited.

  3. darling idea! i love the houses. can't wait to see how the pillows turn out!

  4. What a wonderful idea! I'll bet your daughter feels special that you plan to use her drawings in your creations! :)

  5. Patricia, the idea is super duper great.. and I *LOVE* those houses.
    Happy Weekend :)

  6. oh how fun! you must must must go see this post i just did...

  7. Such a great idea!! I'll keep it in mind for when my son can draw!!! LOVE IT!

  8. What a great little artist. It reminds me a lot of this fabric:

  9. That's a perfect idea. I should make a pillow of my son's artwork for his room. He'd be all excited about something like that.

  10. I picture your kiddo's fabulous design printed on a light linen colour in benjamim moore's mt. rainier grey or something with a tiny bit more green to it (if you wanted input).

  11. I'm you all like the idea! Thanks. I'll be posting what my son did. Different but, in my very biased opinion, very cute as well.

    Lil D - you're right that fabric does have a similar vibe to it.

  12. This looks wonderful! I love it even without colors. It's got a kooky feel to it that just reminds me of Quentin Blake's illustrations. :)

    Really looking forward to seeing what you do with it!

  13. what a great idea. i love her drawings. i'm still remembering the one she did of the dog. gah, come to think of it a pattern of that would also be great.
    i can't think of any grandparent or other family member that wouldn't be tickled pink to receive a gift made with that fabric.

  14. Awesome idea...I might have to steal it for a gift for my Mom.

  15. you absolutely MUST let me know how you get these printed... i'm going to be a sentimental mommy too i think.. GREAT idea. i also came upon a great idea about how to scan in and shrink down your kids drawings to make a frameable poster on! :)


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