I can't believe my baby is five! Where has the time gone? She's been waiting for this day forever. Since January to be precise, when she got upset because it was her brother's birthday and not her own. No amount of explanations could convince her that her birthday would come soon enough.

This little drawing is a self portrait she drew yesterday. She's standing next to our dog - a miniature schnauzer. I love it.

And here she is running away from me to avoid getting her picture taken before going to school this morning. Can you tell she's not much of a morning person? I know she'll be all smiles and posing like crazy when I go at lunch time. Happy birthday my little C! :)

EDIT - I went to visit little C at school during lunch time. As predicted, she was very bubbly and posed for every single picture I wanted to take. She was thoroughly enjoying being the center of attention. I know my girl oh too well. ;)

Thank you for all your sweet comments and have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I love kids' self-portraits. It's so neat to see how they perceive themselves, isn't it? And the dog is just priceless. So cute.

  2. Dog is choo cute.. Happy Birthday to your little one

  3. that drawing is soooo gorgeous... i especially love how she drew the dog.

    happy birthday to your girl...

  4. 5 is so fun. Time goes so fast after five! Great picture, too.

  5. Happy birthday to your big-little-girl. I remember our oldest girl (already 5 and a half years old now) waiting and waiting for her fifth birthday from January on, almost the entire year to September when she finally got 5! It truly is an important age! Funny thing is she also isn't a morning person, but loves to pose in the afternoon (so we hardly can make spontaneous pictures from her...) But however we can just see her back; it is a lovely photo, love the black-and-white combined with te drawing she made. Wonderful!

  6. As an elementary art teacher, I can certifiably say for sure, that the drawing of that pooch has one of the highest cute factors of any pooch drawing I have ever seen. Really, I wish I had drawn it!

  7. I love that drawing! The way she drew the dog is just great.

  8. A very happy birthday to you're little one, my girl was six last week! and wow, how that time flys even when you are not always having fun!
    The little picture she drew is so cute, I love the hair, it is so similar to what my daughter would do at that age!

  9. Happy birthday little C!
    My girl turns five in December.

  10. aww, they grow up so fast! Glad to hear she had a good one!

  11. Happy Birthday to your little girlie.
    I think she's on to something. That self-portrait is brilliant and I, too, love the doggie. It's as if she has a style all of her own. I'd frame it.


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