In keeping with my summer-ish themed cards (serenity and breeze) here is the latest. I'm not sure what to call it yet - "lemonde" for now I guess. It's available at my A Little Hut web site.

I feel like I have a dual personality with the colors I choose. If you look throughout this blog and my work I have my brown/neutral/white/silver moments vs my blue/orange/green/red moments. The contrast is great but they're both very me. My "color mood" gets brighter with the summer. That much I know.

These photos are unfortunately deceiving because the cards aren't as bright as they appear. I've tried to tone them down a bit but it's not working. Argh.

Summer far


  1. I understand the dichotomy. My writing is very informal/cutesy, but I actually have a very formal aesthetic when it comes to he design of my website. I tried to match my website to my writing, but I was never happy with it. Now I love my website, but am afraid there might be a disconnect between my look and my product. Oh well! They both represent who I am, so in the end they must work...right?

  2. The lemonade card is is my favorite color so I'm happy to see it!

  3. really nice! I love orange, it's a happy color. Lovely job!

  4. everything seems so seasonal with me too. colors being just one of those things that change periodically. love your whole card's been so fun to watch the process :)

  5. they're really really beautiful. i wanted to give you a heads up that your etsy link (in the in post) comes up as "error this seller does not exist".
    i'll try to find you another way.

  6. thanks everyone! :)
    and thanks cristina for the heads up!

  7. Great idea !
    I like these cards !

  8. Patricia: These are simply the essence of summer. Don't change a thing. Do you have a new england background? just wondering, becuase they remind me of a visit to the coast of Maine, or a vacation spent on Nantucket. Thanks for your posative remarks on my blog - but I am still just getting started. So many things are ripe to fall out of my brain right now. I'm going to have to order your cards for framing. Don't want to wait to long because I know they will sell out. Best,
    Molly Irwin

  9. Umm, I do know how to spell. Typing just isn't my strength, which is so annoying since I am a stickler for typos! Arrgh. sorry. M

  10. Oh don't worry Molly I'm not great with the typing thing either. I think I edit my blog posts three times minimum AFTER I've already posted them!

    I'm actually from New Jersey and I'm glad that you mention the Nantucket/Maine connection because that's what I've had in mind all along. I don't even know why to be honest. I'm glad you like them and thank you for your kinds words. :)

  11. Patricia: As previously commented, I am a big fan of your work. (Thank you for the kind remark on my very new site). Just wondering, have you ever considered having a line of stamps manufactured from your original designs? I think this might be a deluge of business your way.
    Best, Molly

  12. Making/selling my own stamps has crossed my mind but it isn't something I've really looked into. Maybe I should! :) Thanks!


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