The holiday cheer has finally reached my blog and site in more ways then one. Both needed a little seasonal decor and I finally sat down and came up with something simple tonight. My site also has a new and unexpected product. It turns out my little ornament has been greeted with a small measure of success. I've received several emails asking me if I'm selling my ornament so I've decided to add it to my shop as a holiday limited edition product. Grab one while you can - here!! :) Thank you to all who have given me such nice compliments. They are all truly appreciated! :)


  1. Could you link me to this illusive shop of yours? :D

  2. Oh, also your blog only accepts comments if you have a blogger account. I'm pretty sure you can change that somehow.


  3. Sarah - You can visit my shop on the A Little Hut link under my sites. I've also made a link in this post. Thanks for your interest. :)