Quick update

- We're back home! Yipee! We missed Daddy!!
- I got sick the night before our flight and still kind of am (gastroenteritis - YUCK!!!)
- We had an uneventful 5hr flight but I was sick, had a fever and had two kids and luggage to keep an eye on. Yes, tons of fun...
- Sunday night I was in the ER
- I've been in bed all week
- Wednesday I missed my daughter's first day of school ever! :(
- I'm better today but my house is a TOTAL wreck!
- Sleeping in my own bed after two months away is heaven!

More later. The mess around me is driving me insane!


  1. Welcome home! I'm sorry you have been sick, that must have been a drag traveling like that. Feel better soon!

  2. Welcome back!!:D The mess can wait till you get better!!

  3. Welcome home! What a drag to have to travel when you're sick. I did the same thing in January with a nasty flu, except not with two kids!

    Take some time and rest!

  4. Welcome Home - Get Well Soon - And other good things!

  5. oh no! i hope you are better now.
    Welcome home! It's been 2 months already?

  6. Thanks everyone! (wow people are actually reading! ;)) I'm much better. Just catching up on life in general.

  7. Thanks for stopping by Funky Finds! I'm a graphic designer in Texas, too!? Do you mind me asking what area of TX you are in? I love the block print you blogged about a while back. I've been dying to learn how to do that!