The view from up above

Today was the Bogotá Marathon. My original plan was to participate in the half-marathon with my father-in-law but I simply couldn't train here. The altitude hit me harder than I expected. Big bummer. While he ran the half-marathon we all went to Monserrate. It's the highest point in Bogotá. There's a church there and the place was full of people (many foreigners). We had great weather so the view of the whole city was incredible! We got to the top via a cable car - I think that's what it's called. Some people actually go up on foot!

In the first photo you can sort of see the marathon runners and the church (which is really blurry) at the very top of the hill. The rest of the photos were taken either on the way up or once we were at Monserrate.

We finished the day with a yummy barbeque at a friend's house. A fun day for sure!


  1. A marathon at that altitude would be an absolute killer. Kerry does the half-marathon here and it's hard enough - and there aren't even any hills!