NO to spec work!

Hear! Hear! A site that finally puts a voice to why spec work shouldn't exist. It says everything that I probably couldn't adequately put into words myself. You should really check it out.

From the site:
"The mission of this blog is to educate both clients and Visual Communication designers (also known as 'graphic' designers) about the nature of speculative, or "spec" work.

It also serves as a vehicle to unite designers who support the notion that spec work devalues the potential of design and ultimately does a disservice to the client."

Visit the site: NO!Spec


  1. Thanks for your post on m blog!.... It was overall a collaborative effort but my concept came out top... I am very pleased and proud of it!

  2. Yes, you should be proud. It must be very exciting to see your work attached to such a great cause.

  3. Thank You so much for this! Now I know where to send people when they ask me to work on spec!