happy new year!

happy new year 2013!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!

Our was great until we came home to no electricity and 40 degrees inside the house—brrrr! Fortunately we only had one night of that. On the flip side, when would it ever occur to us to play Chutes & Ladders by candle light with some yummy hot chocolate and tea (thank you gas stove)?

We didn't have internet or cable for a few days too, which has given us extra Legos, new dolls playing, and reading time. Not a bad thing at all.

• • •

I have a couple of goodies for you!
I was finally able to upload a couple of new sets—Happy New Year 2013 and Graduation Set 2013. I'm going to need the former for a couple of get-togethers that we'll be heading out to over the weekend.

Now off to go ice skating or we'll never hear the end of it from our sweet girl.
A promise is a promise!


happy new year 2013!

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