2012 - what a year!

2012 photos

We've been spending some quiet time with the family the last few days—so nice!—and I won't be back until after the new year.

I can't let the end of year come to an end without my annual end of year mosaic, so here it is. If you click on the mosaic you'll be taken to Flickr and all the links to the individual photos are there.

Last year I saw more white. This year I'm seeing a lot of color and a floral theme. This was definitely a year to stretch out my 3D muscles a bit too—I loved that part. A trio of off-beat photos are: my trip to teach a class at the Alt Summit, the series of 20 doodles that I did for a few weeks and of course my skydive jump—they may not involve paper but in their own way they did affect my regular work.

Previous year end mosaics are here: 2007200820092010 and 2011.

I also loved that this year I met so many more of you! Social media and licensing my work to other sites had a lot to do with that. I finally got my Facebook page really going (kicking and screaming I may add—still not terribly fond of the messy site) but it has given me a new path to reach out to many of you—but I freely admit that Twitter is still my favorite water cooler place. I can't leave this blog unmentioned—hard to believe that I'm half way through the 7th year—how crazy is that?—and so many of you still visit—thank you, thank you!

So... 2013. What new adventures does it have in store for all of us?
I'm feeling quite excited about it (hello Surtex!). It's going to be good—I feel it. I hope I'm right and that it affords everyone wonderful experiences.

Here's to an awesome 2013!


  1. What an aMmazing works you have done for 2012!
    Looking foward for your creations in 2013

    How did I miss your Nutcracker gift set?! So lovely!

  2. Beautiful mosaic! Every time I look at your work I want to make it out of felt...especially your wreath! Happy New Year!

  3. What a fun mosaic! Your series of doodles is really cute :) Wishing you a wonderful New Year!

  4. Glad you've had a wonderful Christmas!! I wish you have a Happy New Year!! Hugs