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This is a photo of Layered Rosette in progress that I wanted to share because I think it would be awesome try making one like this—with a large center. Instead of sealing the front and back with circles I'm going to try rings to see if they hold. That way the center can be used for something else (hang something?). I don't know if it will work—I'll let you know.

weekly freebie

I told you I wouldn't be posting freebies here and only in my newsletter but I'm having technical issues with that so... here it is. Have fun and have a great weekend!

Friday Tidbit
As I've mentioned before I love Mollie Makes (it feeds my inner girly girl). Well now it turns out (if you haven't heard by now) that they are publishing a new sister magazine called The Simple Things. It looks very promising! A preview can be seen here.

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