halloween kit no. 2

halloween kit 2

This is part of my new Halloween Kit 2.  I wanted to design a set that could be used for decorating, card making and just be plain versatile and still look like me.

I just love the door knocker! It may not knock loudly but it does move. That was the first thing that the kids tested. I think if it hadn't moved I may have gotten a thumbs down—lol.

The Bony Rosettes are included and are great for wall decorations like the sample wall project that you see below.

halloween kit 2

My son:
"A small version of these would work well as cupcake toppers!"

Why yes—that too!
(I love it when they give me advice related to my work :) )

halloween kit 2

How about rosettes on gifts, cards and scrapbook layouts? And don't forget that there is also a new set of Halloween Backgrounds in the shop.

Good news!
I'm offering a 25% discount on any purchases over $15.
Coupon code: laborday12
(be sure to add it to the Shopping Cart page; NOT the Check Out page.

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Friday Tidbits
- What a sweet project for little girls!
- A beautiful/simple structure and shape.
- If you're in NYC you can get my book at The Museum of Arts and Design!
- I kept it up! One every day... My favorite so far? Number four.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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