simple monday: epiphany craft tip

simple monday

Lately I've been using my Epiphany Crafts tool for card making. I use the Circle 14 with many of my flower collections. The trouble I was having at first was that it was difficult to find tiny patterns that would fit or look interesting under the bubble caps. I discovered that if you flip through a catalog or magazine (specially paper related ones) where products are photographed much smaller it isn't too hard to find something suitable.

So that's my tip for today—flip through some pages and make sure you aren't getting rid of any small treasures. You can even sit down and make a few ahead of time so that you're ready when one of your projects need an extra little something.

simple monday

FYI - I wouldn't use these images (as tiny as they may be) to use on any products you're selling. I only use them for personal projects.

Happy Monday!

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