The last two weeks were an amazing time to relax and enjoy some serious family time. We went to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. We were on the beach and in water more than I can remember at any other time. It was so much fun. We all gained a bit of weight with all the good food and we are now slowly getting back into our routine.

A few of my favorite images...

The beaches were gorgeous! The water was the most beautiful shades of turquoise and the sand was really white and soft. Beautiful!

I love this one of the kids. I wonder what they were thinking.

We got up early one morning to walk along the beach and watch the sunrise.

I can now check horseback riding along a beach off the list. 

How about these colors? Just gorgeous.

I can see that this trip will somehow sneak into my work. It was a lot of fun but it's good to be back.
I hope you're all doing well!

This week's freebie will come as no big surprise.  

Have a great weekend!

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