happiness is...

testing stamps

Happiness is...

- Having a semi-productive week which I'm ok with because I needed to slow down.
- A happy birthday week (lots of love).
- A house full of laughter (a lot of giggling this week).
- Seeing the kids grow more confident every day (they're growing so fast!).
- Knowing that in about two weeks we will meet my first nephew (first time aunt! wooo!).
- Doing what I love (I could say this over and over every day).
- Playing with new stamp samples (more to come)!

Friday tidbits
- Craftsy Sewing Machine 101 - I totally need to look into this class (and it's free!) the rare times I take out my machine it always has some sort of issue and I know that lack of maintenance has to be a big reason why.
- Skinny laMinx - I hadn't visited Heather's shop in a long time and it was about time. She's doing amazing work as usual. I simply love, love her work. We have one of her table runners on our table now. Maybe it's time for a new one?
- Stillpower- The true Path to Flow, Clarity and Responsiveness: an interesting read. I love it when I'm in the zone. This week it was off and on for me but when I'm there it's amazing how easily creativity just flows.

Have a happy, creative and fun weekend!

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