blooming and editing

new flowers

For those of you keeping track, today I was going to start a weekly challenge. As the day grew closer I realized that it may be too much for me to do a freebie and a challenge at this point. I know it doesn't sound like much but, knowing myself oh so well, I just know that my mind will dwell and dwell until I find the perfect solution (for either one) and I need to narrow my focus. Less and better quality is my motto!

So... I've decided that I will only post Friday Freebies (yay!) and that will be part of the challenge—and you won't need a cutting machine if you'd like to participate (although that didn't stop Laura!). I'll explain that a bit further tomorrow and thank you to those of you that took the plunge with my first challenge! I love, LOVE seeing what you make—please keep it up and join us if you haven't!

cherry blossom

My flower obsession continues! This is a sneak peek at the new set of flowers that will be in the shop later today. I'm so distracted with end of school activities that I thought I'd have them up by now—they will be there later for sure.

I'm curious about something... do you prefer smaller easy projects when you're paper crafting or more complex ones that take many pieces and time to put together? The reason why I ask is that typically my projects are relatively simple but right now I'm working on one that is looking great but will take a while to put together. I'm going to post it regardless (because I'm having so much fun with it myself!) but I'd love to hear your thoughts. Anyone?

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